It seems like only yesterday we were posting our first ‘welcome to the world’ post. 31st March, rushed out early to help clubs survive the sudden lunge toward online classes at the start of lockdown. Where has the year gone?

We’ve come a long way as a martial arts web hosting company since then, and today we take another monumental leap forward. We’ve been secretly working on a brand new service called MartialClub. We realised early on that many instructors – whilst brilliant on the mats – aren’t so good on the screen. We noticed quite a few abandoned hosting profiles where clubs just couldn’t or didn’t want to get to grips with how to install WordPress or learn to deploy their own web design software.

We set about finding a solution that would make getting a club website three things – fastaffordable and easy – really easy. We then realised all of the little things around hosting – like SSL certificates, domain names and so on – needed to be wrapped up too. What a majority of clubs needed, it seemed, was a really simple and really visual web builder they could use ‘out of the box’ without knowing a single line of code.

Welcome to the family, MartialClub.

MartialClub brings together one of the best site builders we’ve ever seen – Standout – and wraps it up with all of the extras you need to run a club website. Unlimited storage, hosting, domain names, site builder, templates, guidance and more. Better still, we’ve squeezed the costs down so you can access this all in for a year for less than the price of a custom hoodie.

If you’re interested (why wouldn’t you be?) you can learn more from here.


What was that about WordPress?

For those of you who recognised the latter part of the blog post, and wanted to know what the Managed WordPress hosting was about, well done for paying attention. For most clubs, our MartialClub package will be exactly what they need. For some – such as those building enterprise level sites, or wanting to explore extra functionality like user accounts, forums, advanced shops and so on – WordPress is the obvious answer. The only problem with WordPress and standard hosting is that it’s really intensive on resources and server loads. This often means a very slow site with just a few plugins running. To combat this and to provide an ultra-fast, reliable WordPress hosting environment we’ve introduced a very affordable Managed WordPress hosting plan. You can learn more from here.