Our Story.

From a single domain name and £20 start up in 2012 through to a now multi-award winning network impacting the martial arts industry on mass. 

2012 - £20 and a Domain

Our CEO Giovanni founded the BMABA Group in 2012 with just £20 of capital, a domain (bmaba.com) and a big dream; to shape the martial arts industry for a generation to come.

September 2012 - BMABA Launched

Giovanni launches the BMABA as an alternative governing body focused on the professional standards of martial arts instructors and coaches. The BMABA would go on to become an industry-renowned, multi-award winning name.

August 2013 - MartialHost Created

Designed to help deal with a huge amount of investment in technology and web abilities, MartialHost was founded. The company and our technology would remain hidden away from public view for many years, running large NGBs and power-house businesses by appointment only.

March 2020 - MartialHost Goes Public

We launched to the public in March 2020, having already been serving large associations and private clients 'behind closed doors' since 2013.

Growing, Growing, Growing…

Within weeks, we're now representing hundreds of clubs and instructors across hosting, design and SEO. Our legacy stretching back to 2014 continues to power thousands of sites and services, including some of the biggest names in the industry.

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