MartialHost For NGBs
& Associations

We can help you bring your organisation into the 21st century without needing to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on digital infrastructure.

How We Can Help

From your own NGBs website through to digital infrastructure that helps your members grow, we've got you're back.

Your Site 

Perhaps you'd like to improve your online appearance to bring in new members, or improve the security and GDPR compliance of your official website. We can help.

Your Members

From big steps like providing all of your members with hosting solutions through to a discount code to help them do this themselves at a discounted rate; we're on board.

IT Consultancy

From everything like setting up a professional CRM through to automating repetitive tasks in your office, we've got the infrastructure and skills to assist in your organisation's growth.

White-Labelled Solutions To Help Your Organisation Grow

Add huge amounts of value to your organisation's offering, without having to shell out huge sums of investment.

Brand It As Your Own

Whether it's setting up your clubs with a free website or providing one of our services white-labelled, we can do so in a way that promotes you and your organisation without any mention of MartialHost.

Discounts & Membership Benefits

If you don't want any costs or admin your end, we can set up your members with a bespoke organisational discount code or discounting scheme. At no risk or expense to your organisation, you can then advertise exclusive association only discounts and offers to upsell as a reason to join you.

Looking To Modernise Your Office Functions?

From tweaking things the way they are to work a bit better, through to complete overhauls of systems and CRMs, we can help your association deal with customers better, interact with the public more professionally and ultimately grow.


Tell us what you're hoping to achieve and we'll be happy to answer your questions. Every conversation is in complete confidence.


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