After nearly five years of powering some of the highest-profile martial arts powerhouses from behind closed doors, we’re being opened up to the public.

A Fresh New Start From The Worst Of Places

We’ve been busy powering some of the best known brands in the Martial Arts world for years. Since starting in 2012 with just a single domain name and £20 of capital, our award-winning CEO Giovanni has build up the BMABA group to be one of the biggest in the martial arts industry.

Driving this forward is our huge digital infrastructure. We’re proud to be now making this available to the public market, in light of the Coronavirus outbreak – to help more clubs get to grips with an online presence at the most critical of times.

“ We know that more so than in any over time in the history of martial arts clubs, instructors and gyms need access to the latest tech to get their club online and looking better than ever before. When Covid 19 subsides, there will be a flurry of activity in respect of potential students searching out their new martial arts club. We think as many instructors as possible should be ready to rise to the occasion.”

We’ve launched MartialHost fully, providing all of our in-house services as fully featured commercial offerings. This includes our award-winning MartialClub service as well as;

  • Martial Arts Web Hosting
  • Martial Arts Web Design
  • Martial Arts SEO
  • Martial Arts Logo Design
  • Martial Arts App Design

You can explore what we’re able to provide from right here, at