We’re immensely proud to announce the launch of Martialhost 2.0. We’ve taken the past year of rapidly gaining new clients and hosting hundreds of club websites and have made hundreds of improvements across every aspect of our service.

With MartialHost 2.0 – our all-new collection of services and our all-new website now include;

  • Automatic access to domain names and all other advertised services, with no waiting around for orders to process.
  • A huge new range of services and tools, including improved hosting and a range of additional tools and marketing addons.
  • Access to 24/7 support and sales advice by phone with thanks to our new back-up US team.
  • Access to our products and services in dozens of languages and currencies for our international clients.
  • A new and improved management console that enables clubs to manage all of their domains and services in one place.
  • A new, comprehensive help system with access to FAQs on all of our products and tools.
  • An all-new and improved site builder for MartialClub.

We’re immensely pleased to see the site and services go-live and we hope everyone familiar with MartialHost will notice the immediate improvement in service and pricing, all effective immediately.

MartialHost 2.0 is part of the BMABA Group’s efforts to future-proof the provision of hosting and site design tools for our clubs and clients post-COVID.