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SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Is What Helps Your Club Get Ahead Of The Competition When Somebody Searches For You Online

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You should pay for your SEO because you want to and because it works - not because you're forced to. There's absolutely no contracts.

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We have a track record for consistently helping our clients jump up the listings on major search engines like Google.

Does my club need to worry about SEO?

Yes, absolutely. When a potential new student or parent looks for a martial arts club in your area, what do they do?

They'll likely search a major search engine like Google for something along the lines of 'martial arts Dorchester' or 'Jujitsu clubs in Arundel' and so on. If it's not a major search engine, it may well be social media - something like Facebook, for example. SEO is what ensures your club's website is listed as close to the top of the search results as possible everytime, without paying for expensive ads It's known as 'organic placement' and we're experts in our industry at helping clubs get ahead.

What does SEO stand for?

Search Engine Optimisation. It's effectively the process of ensuring your website, content or service is seen ahead of the competition without paying for ads. It's specifically known as 'Organic SEO'.

Can You Help Anyone?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone has the opportunity to improve their online presence and to be seen ahead of the competition. There's no guarantees with SEO so it's important you 'plug away' over time to make sure you're ahead of the game.


The first part of the SEO process is to consider what you want to get seen for and what your potential students are searching for. We can help you with research, trends and data. It's important to ensure you're focusing on no more than 10 keywords - less if practical. This helps ensure you become a master of one and not a jack of all.


The actual Optimisation part is something often obscured in jargon and technical terms. In reality, it's about making some fairly subtle and simple changes to content and structure to help your site get seen correctly based on your keywords. It can also include needing to review your website more fundamentally if, for example, it's not responsive to mobile devices or uses outdated technology.


SEO doesn't happen overnight. It typically takes around 4 weeks for simple shifts or three months for larger campaigns to really start to deliver results. With this in mind, we'll begin monitoring performance and suggesting constant tweaks to help you get ahead. When you reach the top, we'll work to try and keep you there.

We Help Industry Heavyweights Beat 13,000,000+ Listings. We Can Help You, Too.

We've helped leading associations and service providers do incredible things, 'nipping' larger and more time-established organisations to top spot in as little as 30 days. We can help your club do that, too.

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Not for you?

MartialHost includes SEO.

Whilst you won't have quite such a tailored campaign, we include lots of SEO advice and guidance as part of a website hosting, domain, business e-mail and development guidance package. It costs less than £15 per month and comes with a month free.