Superfast Managed Wordpress Hosting

We don't think there is anything out there as well suited to building a serious martial arts club website.

What is Wordpress, and why Managed Hosting?

Wordpress is renowned open-source software used to build amazing, fully-featured websites. It's used by countless major names, including the Rolling Stones and BBC. It delivers a fight-finishing punch of power that will enable you to build commercial-grade shops, member's websites, apps, club websites, billing platforms, online learning classrooms and so much more.

Ok, it rocks. So what is and why choose Managed hosting?

Wordpress is a bit like what a 6ltr Mustang is against a 1ltr Corsa. Unfortunately if you try and fit the Corsa's clutch, it's not going to perform well. Standard cloud hosting is great for building your own website but if you want to build a serious Wordpress site then you need power - and lots of it. Managed Wordpress hosting provides just that.

Lightning Fast

Our managed Wordpress hosting is run on TIER 1 AWS INFRASTRUCTURE - which means it's Amazon's Web Servers running your site. This means even the heaviest load sites can run quickly and effectively.

Daily Backups

Sometimes things go wrong, and if your business or club depends on its website to keep going, you need to know that we have your back. Enjoy free, daily backups to help you roll-back in a click if you should ever need to,

Free SSL Certificate

SSL certificates usually cost around £50 per year. We include a free SSL certificate for every Managed Wordpress website you host with us, to keep you secure and to save you extra costs.

Automated Updates

We can take care of automatically updating plugins, themes and your version of Wordpress to the latest editions. This helps keep your site secure and up to date. The automatic update process can ensure any available updates are pushed through on a regular basis.

Temporary URLs & Staging Sites

If you're relying on your club website with clients and students, you don't want to be playing around in live production. That's why we provide temporary URLs and Staging Environments to help you develop your site safely, before pushing it out to the public.

Wordpress Pre-Installed

You'll receive your Wordpress login details and nothing more. No need to visit hosting dashboards, install Wordpress or fiddle with Databases. Leave all of the set up to us and enjoy logging in and building your website with support from us where needed.

Already hosting a Wordpress site elsewhere?

We will migrate your website professionally and for free.

It's what we do day in and day out. We can manage a professional migration of your site from an existing host to us, without losing any content or data. If your current hosting provider is expensive or the site performance is struggling, let us step in and rescue your installation. You don't have to move your domain to us, either. We will just need your full website address with an administrator's login.

To get started with a migration, just sign up to the hosting below and drop us a line when you're all set.

Access the best of Managed Wordpress from the experts in martial arts hosting.

One simple monthly fee gets you set up and sorted. No extras for SSLs either. Enjoy a UK data centre (or US, if you're 'over the pond') and get cracking in a matter of 1-2 working days.

Managed Wordpress Hosting

Per Month, No Contracts.

  • Expert Support Included
  • 1 Wordpress Installation
  • Free Migrations
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Storage*
  • Unlimited Bandwidth*
  • PHP 7.2+ Ready
  • Page Boost
  • Nginx Load Balancer
  • AWS Servers
  • Daily Backups
  • Auto Update

Looking for something a little more straight forward?

If you want to build a fast, reliable website without a single piece of coding, you might be interested in our MartialClub service.


Let's be clear on the small print...

We can't automatically update any plugins or themes that require a premium support subscription from a third party that you don't have. If it's possible to update it, we can do it automatically for you.

  • *Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth is generally unlimited. We have a fair usage policy in place to stop a multinational organisation jumping in and 'sucking us dry' of resources and this cap has never been reached across any of the sites we use - even the really big ones! If you plan to host something monstrous, please speak with us first. 99.99% of users don't need to worry about this.