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We're the industry leaders in Web Hosting, Design & Services For The Martial Arts Industry

'A Much Needed Gap Filled'

Martial Arts has always been about what happens on the mats and in the dojo. Unfortunately the tech-side of things in our industry never moved as fast as the roundhouse kicks and breakfalls. So we've filled that gap.

In a modern world, if Martial Arts is to stand toe to toe with many other sports it needs to be up to date and provided with a modern, professional home for online and technological based services. That's us. We make it easy and affordable for clubs of all sizes to get online and make the right impression, to help drive new members to your club. That just leaves you to focus on what you know and love; running your club or dojo.

Industry Leaders

There are few others in the martial arts world who can lay claim to such a wealth of capability and experience in the world of tech, design and hosting.

Backed By Giants

We're not wet behind the ears or just entering the martial arts world - we're backed and built by the formidable BMABA group; an industry leading social enterprise.

International Presence

We're all based here in the UK with a team in the US, too. We know martial artists don't always make the best web designers or web technicians. Fortunately, we're all geeks and love that stuff.

Who's Behind MartialHost?

Giovanni Soffietto, CEO & Founder

Giovanni is the award-winning social entrepreneur behind the BMABA group.

Starting from just £20 of capital in 2012, he's single-handedly built a group of social enterprises involved in all areas of the martial arts world - from regulation and governance through to insurance and tech.

He's driven by helping more clubs make the right impression online, to bring more people into the dojos. Giovanni's background resides in both Shotokan Karate and Jujitsu. He also teaches Kickboxing and Muay Thai and has for the past decade worked in the governance and regulation of martial arts standards.

MartialHost is fully backed - financially and operationally - by Giovanni and his award winning team as a pivotal part of their vision to transform the UK martial arts industry.


Every penny spent with MartialHost helps martial arts across the UK reach more people in need.

We're a social enterprise, which means we put all of our profits into our group's charitable arm, the Fighting Chance Charitable Foundation. The BMABA Group, of which we're a key part, helps improve the UK martial arts sector.


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We'd love to hear from you with questions or queries if you think we can help you get ahead of the game online.


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