MartialHost 2.0 Launches

June 14, 2021 in MartialClub

We’re immensely proud to announce the launch of Martialhost 2.0. We’ve taken the past year of rapidly gaining new clients and hosting hundreds of club websites and have made hundreds of improvements across every aspect of our service. Continue reading »

We Are So Pleased To Introduce MartialClub (And Managed WordPress Hosting)!

November 11, 2020 in Journal

It seems like only yesterday we were posting our first ‘welcome to the world’ post. 31st March, rushed out early to help clubs survive the sudden lunge toward online classes at the start of lockdown. Where has the year gone?

We’ve come a long way as a martial arts web hosting company since then, and today we take another monumental leap forward. We’ve been secretly working on a brand new service called MartialClub. Continue reading »